I sent Vince an advance review copy of a book I recently wrote, and he returned it having caught several errors that went unnoticed by myself, three other readers, and the proofreader I hired. He also had engaging comments and questions about the text itself. I have no doubt that he’d provide good content editing as well as good proofreading. As a professional editor myself, I’m all too well aware of the perils of trying to edit my own work. When and if I write for publication again, Vince will be my first choice for editor. – Sarah Barbour, published author and professional editor

Vince Dickinson has worked on more than one of my projects now. He’s done basic and comprehensive edits. I prefer his comprehensive edits, because he has a talent for identifying the weaknesses in a story. If you’re self-publishing, you’re probably aware of the challenges inherent in producing quality work. Vince has a strong sense of story, character, structure, and pacing, along with the technicalities of grammar and punctuation, and the other miscellaneous details that can arise from story to story. He’ll be editing all my novels and novellas. Knowing he’s edited them gives me confidence that I’m delivering the best stories to my readers. – Heidi Garrett, published author

“Thank you so much. That was quick and your suggestions were excellent as always. They were so helpful in fact that I’m not as intimidated as I am sometimes when facing changes.  I am so glad to have a reliable editor.”
Amy Corwin, published author


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