Editing Murder Mysteries

I edit for a couple of murder mystery writers.  What I like about this genre is that it has, at the same time, a fairly rigid set of requirements for structure, and a great deal of creative flexibility.

I recommend that all of the material characters are introduced as early as reasonably possible. I think it’s best to have at least three plausible suspects, but four or five can be a good number, too. I find that writers sometimes do such a detailed job of setting up the crime, that they forget to leave misdirection clues. Who else was at the scene of the crime? Who else had a strong motive? Who is the reader encouraged to dislike or mistrust? Don’t make it too easy! Readers love trying to solve the mystery like they love a good crossword puzzle.

Are you writing a murder mystery? I can provide proofreading and copy editing when you’re done writing. Or I can help you as your developmental editor–make the plot and character development stronger, more compelling. The better I know your work, the better I can help you brainstorm your next story.


2 thoughts on “Editing Murder Mysteries

  1. Would like some logistic details about what you do. Where you are located. Maybe a reference or two. Just finished such a book. I have another book published as well as articles in a newspaper.

    • Congratulations! It’s a big deal to finish that kind of project.
      On my testimonials page you can see some nice things clients have said about my work for them.
      One thing we can do is a free sample edit. You can send me a 1000-word sample from your book, preferably in the middle somewhere, and I can do what I do, and you get to determine if that works for you. Win!
      Send it to steppenwolfedww@hotmail.com, and I will get your sample done quickly.

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