I Write Books, Too!

An editor who writes? No way!

Here’s a link to my writing blog. I have two novels published at amazon.com. And I am publishing another novel in chapters at channillo.com. It is a subscription site because no one should work for free!

Beggars Union MergedBeggars Union is a comedy about poverty and fraud. It follows a family of panhandlers, and a young man trying to find his way working in a call center. It’s about romance, subterfuge, and survival. We are all carrying signs. Some of us have banded together. A few of us make a big racket!

Virtual Silence KindleVirtual Silence is a novel in nine movements, following a group of co-workers who want desperately to get out from under the thumb of their cruel boss. But what they don’t know is that Tim Dank is an alien from another planet, hell-bent on taking over the world! Will they all become automatons, or will they escape Dank and his cherry-coated infamy?

Fugue in C Minor KindleFugue in C Minor is about a man who wakes in a gorgeous mansion filled with expensive art and musical instruments, a stunning wife who wants him in a bad way, and luxurious cars in the garage. But he doesn’t remember any of it. A stranger tries to tell him that his wife is actually a witch who abducted him, and has dastardly plans for him. But a wise old man says this is all part of the fugue, a medical condition that makes people go away and never come back. Will this amnesiac find the truth about his past? Or will this witch have her way with him?


New Clients Welcome

With my established clients all either promoting the book they just published, or working hard to compose the next one, I have openings in my schedule. Contact me at steppenwolfedww@hotmail.com, and let’s give your book an extra dose of awesome!