Summer is Over – Time to Write!

It was way too hot in western Oregon for my taste this summer. I’m glad autumn is here. And now that you may be done vacationing, it might be time to get back to that book you were writing. Whether it’s a novel or your life story, or a book about baby names or international tea pricing trends, I hope you finish it!

And then you’ll need someone to proofread it, or help you develop it. That’s where I come in. I’ve provided developmental editing and line editing for books about faeries, books about searching for the truth about Amelia Earhart, books on human rights atrocities, books on motivating people to get healthier and wealthier, romance novels, regency romance and mystery novels, books about monsters and books about Renaissance painters and mental patients.

I would be happy to help you make your book even more awesome. Check out my Services and Terms, and then contact me at I have many satisfied, repeat clients.

Enjoy autumn!


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